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Follow fishermen

Have fun following your friends and other great anglers. Follow at least 20 anglers and enjoy your feed of catches and fishing moments. Like, comment and get inspired!

Log your fishing trips and catches

Log your fishing trips in real-time or upload your old favorite catches. if you choose to log in real-time, quality data will be generated.

For an example, If 1,000 people fish for one day with the same kind of lure, that lure will sure catch a lot of fish. But how much fish does that lure actually catch per hour used?

Help generate the answers by logging in real-time. You can always choose to keep your geo-position private.

Catch more and bigger fish

River Monsters+ gathers and manages huge amounts of information to help you catch more and bigger fish. All kinds of metrological data, 50,000 lures, 1,700,000 fishing waters and much more.

Use the River Monster+ analyzer tool to optimize your fishing. What tackles are most effective in your favorite lake? What is the best time, air pressure and wind direction for hooking that dream catch?

River Monsters pledge

River Monsters supports the use of catch and release techniques that help ensure sustainable fisheries for future generations.

River Monsters+ will help you document your catches with the goal of promoting catch and release practices. All catches default to the catch & release toggle switch. Our hope is that you consider the fish population and always adhere to local laws and rules if you decide to keep your fish.